Purely Subjective .005 — The digital marathon continues.

Purely Subjective .005 — The digital marathon continues.

You don’t need a business objective behind every piece of creative or every interaction. It’s a okay to just be human.

It takes approximately 10 years for something to fall off of Google. Diminishing searches, decreased backlinks, and low search engine visibility deprioritize an entry until it eventually disappears all together. The story of our digital exploits are limited to our self-promotion, the narrative we purport, the content we produce, and the consumers we impact. There is a role for paid, owned and earned media in our market strategy. Yet the paradox of our generation’s recorded history is that our contributions are digitized on platforms we don’t truly own and operate. So, what happens when we die? What happens when our hosting expires, our .com reverts and Instagram no longer exists? The documentation of our work will also cease to exist, but that doesn’t negate the converted impact we made online to offline. Truth is, no one will carry your digital currency unless it extends real life utility. On March 31st we lost a thought leader who challenged the limitations of digital impressions and the idea of “showing up” by redeveloping his community IRL. With the access and capital earned from his tenure as an artist, mogul and businessman, Nipsey Hussle obliterated the boundaries of just how far digital business can grow and impacted the world with his marathon. Now, it’s your time to race.

A lasting impression: Ermias reigns immortal in “Higher”.

Living in infamy: Everyone is operating off of the logic to serve their own best interest. At any given moment, this thought process can create a system that enables opportunists and those who lack code to take advantage of their environment — oftentimes to your detriment. The idea is that there is no value in anything if you just give it away. However, assessing value isn’t based on the recipient’s experience but rather the creator’s efforts. There are things in life that only you can teach you. Listening to your heart to keep you from behaving uncharacteristically and missing an opportunity is one of them. Seeing vision in the future of your friends, that they may not even see for themselves is another.


The Hussle Continues: I made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t attempt to pen this until I could speak about you without crying. But I lied. Truth is the idea of you not being here will forever bring tears to my eyes. What’s worse than a dream deferred? Countless years of hard work and dedication snuffed out over pride. The final dimming of your light made the world a bit darker. The mourning after left me unable to get out of bed. It took me 72 hours to even attempt to breathe again. It took me several weeks to compose myself, again. It took me months to even write, again, and even now I am still overwhelmed with grief. They say grief is the final act of love. You were special, Nip. A life force ordained by God himself, and it showed. You made us better in knowing you, and you made the world greater with your existence. For that, I will forever be proud of you. Forever.