Purely Subjective .003 — Outrage is the new “viral”. Being offensive is profitable.

Purely Subjective .003 — Outrage is the new “viral”. Being offensive is profitable.

You have to fight through some bad days to earn the best days of your life.

Outrage is the new viral, and it’s making cents. In the land between Jussie Smollett’s accusations, Gucci’s blackface turtleneck and a Burberry noose, being offensive is turning misdirected marketing angst into profit. Nothing drives CPMs like hyperlinked rage. Though the offenders may not have directly seen the gain, reporting outlets have shown being offensive is profitable. Over the course of 2 1/2 weeks, Jussie drove a disproportionate amount of referral traffic to CNN, USA Today, and Deadline, reflecting in upticks in their respective Alexa ranks. When was the last time you hit those dot coms on purpose? Consumer efforts to garner updates on what is or isn’t a lie, marred with the culmination of self-interest and cancel culture, led to increased click-thrus and yet no one actually “knows” what happened. Gucci’s organic sales rose by 28.1%, and the rest of us now remember that Burberry exists. Be advised, though lucrative, profiteering off of racism is just another form of racism. Disrespectful products and objectionable actions aren’t worthy of the dollars they generate, and apologies after the fact are utter bullsh*t.

Sheer genius: Blac Chyna converting her Instagram relationship status into a monetizable emblematic token of rap success is a true ode to feminism.

A poor ally is a ‘Rockstar’: Post Malone had one job at the GRAMMY Awards and he failed. The expectation was for Malone to leverage the platform, afforded to him by 21 Savage’s musical contributions, to bring attention to ICE and Savage’s immigration woes. Unlike Ludwig, Malone stayed silent. Before the show’s cessation, media outlets and influencers alike, were serviced staged publicity photos of Post wearing a “Free 21 Savage” shirt backstage, as though the picture would serve a greater offering than utilizing a nationally televised stage.


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