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The Game, Diddy, Rick Ross + More Finally Speak On Mike Brown Shooting

Mike Brown was an unarmed teenager who was shot in Ferguson, MO by a police officer. His body was left in the street for hours, and in the outcry of outrage A-list celebrities in the rap game stayed relatively silent. Whether they were too worried about their images or are too far removed from their blackness, I was disgusted by their apathy. The Game, and his notable friends, have finally decided to chime in. Better late, than never I guess.

Swizz Beatz Named ‘Global Ambassador Of New York City Health And Hospitals Corporation’

Another day another title… Swizz Beatz has just been named the Global Ambassador Of New York City Health And Hospitals Corporation. Wordy title right? Well, his job suits the bill. As the Global Ambassador he will be tasked to bringing financial assistance and awareness to NYC’s Health and Hospital initiatives. “[Swizz Beatz] is committed to using his creativity, his innovation, and his international stature to help spread the HHC message on a global scale to promote better health in our city and our world I guess the position sort of makes sense, in light of Swizz’s new found role at Reebok… Needless to say, I guess we can put hopes of that Ruff Ryda’s reunion album to bed. I doubt he’ll have time for it. [HHDX]

Swizz Beatz Talks MegaUpload, Reebok, And New Music

Swizz Beatz sat down with Allindstrom.com to talk about his attachment with MegaUpload and it’s demise, his strategic partnership with Reebok and why he isn’t in a rush to put out new music. — Although I’ve never been a fan of his personal decisions, Swizz is an ingenious businessman… I can’t wait to see the full width he’s willing to go for Reebok; it will be interesting.