Rochelle Jordan

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Long-Play: R O J O by Rochelle Jordan

Toronto native, Rochelle Jordan pieced together a 15-song LP, with a production assist by Klash, and some features from Thom Yorke, Wingate, Mat Randol, and Mel…. I like how she kept her features to a minimum; it gives people a chance to really enjoy you. Although I haven’t taken a listen to the entire project yet, Rochelle has yet to disappoint me… DL: R O J O [LP] by Rochelle Jordan

I’M LISTENING TO: How To Feel by Rochelle Jordan

Unwind from your day and press play. Sometimes you can go through you entire day and not hear one song worth your listen, this track slowed me down for a good 3 minutes and 27 seconds…. “How To Feel” is a track from a Toronto native, Rochelle Jordan. If you liked Amerie circa 2001 and you didn’t hate The Weeknd’s House of Balloons, this track is for you. DL: How To Feel by Rochelle Jordan Spotted: TSS