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Ray J To Star On ‘The Rickey Smiley Show’

Recently, Ray J has been making headlines for his tweets rather than his talents… Well, hopefully that will soon change. Ray just landed a role on a forthcoming TV One sitcom. The show will be called ‘The Rickey Smiley Show’, and will be loosely based on the life of THE Rickey Smiley. — Ricky Smiley (yeah, the actual guy), will be playing the role of the single father raising three kids, Ray J will play his producer, and of course it will be coupled with situational comedy. According to reports this show will premier this fall and will feature celebrity guests including Waka Flocka Flame and Bruce Bruce.

Ray J ‘Lol’s Kim Kardashian’s Tweet Regarding Her Past

Kim Kardashian was tweeting her usual life centric tweets, and Ray J literally trolled (made fun of) the moment. — For those who are unaware, Kim Kardashian and the KardashianJenner clan rose to ‘celebrity’ a few months after Kim and her then boyfriend, Ray J (Brandy‘s brother), had a sextape leak onto the internet. Rumor has it that Kim leaked it intentionally, but that is neither here nor there… Three very public relationships later, Kim would rather you forget her past and focus more on the positive. Ray J on the other hand, won’t let that happen easily, and I don’t blame him…

Fabolous Responds To Ray J ‘Incident’, The Beef Continues…

Fabolous called into Hot 97 and spoke with DJ Clue about the altercation that happened with Ray J in Vegas last night. Basically, he says nothing happened, and that there is nothing to squash, and that the real battle is between Ray J and whatever drugs he’s on. Not quite sure if I believe that nothing happened, too many eye witnesses say otherwise, but I do believe that Ray is on something, peep his call-in. Previous: Fabolous & Ray J Fight At The Palms In Las Vegas [Updated w/ Ray J Audio] XO: KH

Video: Brandy & Ray J: A Family Business New Season

Here’s the video to first episode of Brandy & Ray J’s new season of “A Family Business”. The full episode actually drops on December 5th at 11pm, but here’s the first 15min, and I can just tell you right now, its going to be a whole lot juicier than the first season. Ray J has a “girlfriend” now, Brandy doesn’t want to do dancing with the stars, mama Sonja is STILL “Mama Sonja”. So, this will be on your t.v. THIS SUNDAY, make sure you check it out.

Video: Behind The Scenes of “Last Wish” by Ray J

Watch this video from behind the scenes of Ray J’s latest video “Last Wish”. It shows director TAJ as he scouts locations and begins shooting the video. don’t think I’ve actually stanned for a song by Ray J like this since he dropped “One Wish”. I already know this video is going to be epic. DL: Last Wish by Ray J (Prod. Darkchild) Respect: The Popular Kid ™ (TPK), TAJ, Cal Newman

Ray J’s “Magic Stick” + Kim Kardashian’s New CD

Who would have known sleeping with Ray J would result in a studio album with The-Dream…

As soon as I got this email from TMZ telling me about The-Dream confirming being in and out of the studio with Kim Kardashian. I immediately thought, maybe he’s just trying to get his swerve on, but instead he confirms Kim is SINGING’??? Really?… Shout out to Ray J’s “magic stick”. Thanks to Ray J, Kim has gotten herself a reality TV show, endorsements, magazine features, Reggie Bush, Kanye-time, and a studio album with The-Dream…

Brandy And Ray J x Basketball Wives x What Chilli Wants

I’m not one to watch reality shows, but last night, after all the hype, I had to check these joints out… and I must say, Vh1 has a season of great Sunday night shows lined up.Brandy & Ray J: A Family Business.. This episode basically Ray J as a mama’s boy and that Brandy wants to rap. Oh and that she throws shade on everyone she seems to introduce..What Chilli Wants.. The show features Chilli from TLC and a relationship advice expert Tionna Smalls… I have the utmost respect for Tionna because she started out blogging (like me!). Towards the end of the episode you see that some ‘diva’ stuff goes down, but from whom?.. hmmmmm… I guess we’ll have to stay tuned.Basketball Wives. The entire episode for this isn’t available yet (on VH1), but basically is a bunch of grown women acting like they’re in high school and picking…