Gabourey Sidibe

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Gabourey Sidibe Already Proving The World Wrong…

“Oscar nominee Gabourey Sidibe is proving to many that she won’t disappear anytime soon. According to a from Showtime, Gabby has just signed a deal to star as a recurring guest in the dark comedy series: “The Big C.” The series will star Laura Linney as Cathy, a “repressed suburban wife and mother who reclaims her life after a terminal cancer diagnosis” and Oliver Platt (from 2012) as her “immature, but well-meaning husband.” Gabby will play a student in Cathy’s class with an attitude. “The Big C” is expected to premiere in late summer.” Read more on Gabourey @GossipOnThis.comI like that the world said one thing and she’s proving and showing us another.. More power to her! Though, I do hope she loses a few lbs for health reasons…. Bet, Howard Stern ain’t got a thing to say now. Though her mom did have a couple words for him, “I…

Howard Stern vs. Gabourey Sidibe

Howard Stern goes in a little too hard on Precious for my liking, but the truth is I see where he’s coming from. He may be over eccentric with his tonality, but I understand his point. Do you really think Precious will get another role in Hollywood? I can see Tyler Perry putting her in some movies… but what about white Hollywood?… by the end of this recording I do want to slap the smirk off of Howard’s face, but I see his point.