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Drake Addresses His Critics + Shares Advice From Floyd Mayweather

During an interview with Sway, Drake reveals how he deals with critics, advice he got from Floyd Mayweather, and how social media/radio “doesn’t matter”… “There will be days when I walk into an a people cheer, there will be days when I walk into an a people boo, but it all just sounds the same to me because it let’s met know that I’m relevant.” I can understand being an artist and not caring for the the instant reaction one can receive on social media outlets (positive or negative), but I have to stand firm and assert that it is a ‘necessary evil’. In this day and age, social media has become a necessity, Drake just needs to learn how to adequately control the conversation about him and his brand… As for the advice he received from Mayweather? Those are words to live by.

WorldStar Hip Hop Shut Down, Decide For Yourself Who Really Deserves The Credit….

A few hours ago, the semi-notorious video website, WorldStar Hip Hop got shut down. I simply thought it was a continuation of Homeland Security captured sites, i.e. OnSmash.com. Little did I know that WorldStarHipHop being shut down was a propegated move by 50 Cent & Floyd Mayweather. According to 50 Cent, himself and Mayweather didn’t feel as though Worldstar was a good representation of black people, so in turn they have decided to create their own site, BooBooTv.Com…….

Floyd Mayweather Jr. Got Mad He Wasn’t “Recognized”

Ever wonder what a celebrity would do if you didn’t recognize them? Well, take Floyd here as your example. Over a week ago, Floyd Mayweather (Jr.) went through a security gate, and the security guard asked him for ID. I guess Floyd was upset the security guard ask him for id, and that he wasn’t recognized off the bat, because he went all in screaming and yelling and stuff… Floyd continues his rant for a bit, and then hops out the car, goes into the toll, and opens the gate for himself. #DramaQueen Floyd, no shade, but I wouldn’t have recognized you either.