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FaceTime With Playboy Tre


As soon as he hopped off the stage from his ASU performance, I had a brief chat with Playboy Tre as part of a continuation of my FaceTime series for #DimplezTV. In our conversation, we discussed why he has continued on with his Liquor Store Mascot series, his favorite type of liquor, the “uppity negro”, and how he goes about pacing his project releases for quality…

FaceTime With B.o.B #DimplezTV

In honor of B.o.B‘s impending release of his mixtape, F-ck ‘Em We Ball, we have decided to release a clip of a candid conversation that B.o.B aka Bobby Ray had with as part of the FaceTime interview series… In the interview Bobby Ray talks about the biggest lesson he learned while traveling abroad, sonically growing, being his biggest studio critic, and being more hands on with his forthcoming projects.

Gunplay Talks Fighting With 50 Cent And Security

After hearing rumors, and subsequently seeing video footage from the event, Gunplay calls into the breakfast club to talk about fighting with 50 Cent.  — Gunplay’s recount of the events are not only hilarious, but sound hella true. Gunplay said ‘no comment’ to green lighting fades on sight if 50 or Jeezy hit Florida. #Welp — Rebecca Ijeoma (@MissDimplez) October 1, 2012

Nicki Minaj Officially An American Idol Judge

After rumored reports of this going down, Nicki Minaj is officially an American Idol judge. Show host, Ryan Seacrest, took to his twitter and instagram to confirm the news… And although Mariah Carey, is reportedly against the Nicki addition, the tension is sure to bring rousing ratings. Not to mention, Onika signed a season-long deal for a whopping $12 million dollars. — I’m sure we’ll get appearances by her and all her personalities when the show kicks off in January.

FaceTime With Dom Kennedy (Part 2)

In the part 1 of our FaceTime interview Dom Kennedy talked about performing the Yellow Album for the first time, showmanship, the forthcoming OPM All-Stars project, and more… In part 2, Dom delves into why the Yellow Album is personally his favorite project, how he would like his fans to represent him, his legacy, and living for his son.