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Wyclef: “I Am 43 And I Look Incredible”

A few days ago, a photo of Wyclef Jean in a pair of speedos meanwhile straddling a ducati hit the internet like a monsoon… At first everyone was sure the picture was fake, but upon further review we found that the picture was indeed real and previously posted on his facebook page. Wyclef had just turned 43 and was feeling REALLY confident with his body. I just found the imagery a little off… He could have hired a professional photographer to take more tasteful pictures.

Kendrick Lamar Explains The Meaning Behind ‘good kid, m.A.A.d city’

When Kendrick Lamar first announce the title of his album we were promised a thorough explanation of the title upon receipt of the project… Well, last week K. Dot’s album leaked onto the internet, and today it’s officially in stores. — In watching the video you’ll find that m.A.A.d means: “my angry adolescent divided” and “my angel’s on angel dust”.

Elliott Wilson Drops ‘The Truth’ On If Public Feuds Hurt Hip Hop

Elliott Wilson continues on with his ‘The Truth’ series… This week the topic of discussion is whether or not public feuds are hurting or aiding hip-hop. Pay attention as he weighs in. — Personally I feel as though public feuds are a necessity in hip-hop. Hip-hop is one of the few genres that thrives on braggadocious and simply being better than your peer. If everyone was singing “kumbaya”, making peace, and shaking hands, I’m sure over time we’d stop listening. As humans, we’re attracted to chaos.

Lil Wayne Defends Not Caring About New York

You may remember Lil Wayne’s statement against New York a while ago… Well, for some reason, it’s still making headlines. Weezy recently sat down with MTV to defend his statement and confess to being oblivious to everyone’s reactions. “I have to be honest with you, dog: All I do is work, and I swear to God, I don’t even know the reaction. If I knew the reaction I’d know how to be able to answer that question, but I don’t know the reaction. I just say what I want to say, do what I want to do and fuck who don’t like it.” [RR]

Drake Officially Graduates From High School

Drake never got the opportunity to finish high school when he found childhood success on Canadian situation drama show, Degrassi… Not soon after his 4 to 5 year stint on television, Drake fell in love with music, and the rest is history. Well, this year, to prove to his fans that there is a need for education, Drake went back to school. With the help of his teacher, Kim Janzen, Drizzy completed his high school diploma in 5 months. — That’s huge! Congratulations! 97% on my final exam. 88% in the course. One of the greatest feelings in my entire life. As of tonight I have graduated high school! — Drizzy (@Drake) October 18, 2012