#12For12: Top 12 Producers Of 2012


#12For12: As an urban publication, Miss Dimplez.com has the pleasure of literally listening to almost every record released throughout the year… It would be in bad taste to not acknowledge the producers that made the records that were huge this year. With some statistical records, and assistance from a few friends, including: Shawty Slim, DontHateBeHated, and more, here are the top 12 producer picks of the year…

The REAL Digital Power 30

If there isn’t something I hate more than lists, it’s lists that reflect poorly on the work we as digital mavens deliver on the daily… No disrespect to The Source or their original Digital Power 30 list, but with the strategic placement of certain publications the validity and the weight is easily called to question. Without further adieu, here’s the REAL hip-hop/urban digital power 30 (in my opinion).

Photo Op: Common At Rock The Bells 2012

Common is one of my favorite performers of all time, so when he took to the Rock The Bells (2012) stage, in San Bernadino, I made sure my camera was in hand to catch the magic… Although I literally wound up taking hundreds of pictures, I narrowed it down to 4 of the best shots. Check out the images and the video of his full set after the break.