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#29DaysStrong Challenge: For Physical, Creative + Mental Strength

The #29DaysStrong health challenge is a movement built to encourage growth in areas where we all have room for improvement. It takes a minimum of 21-days to make a new habit. For the entire month of February 2016, a total of 29 days, #29DaysStrong will focus on the building of physical, creative, and mental strength of participating individuals, every day. Taking you beyond what is needed to make the good habit stick, while building mindfulness and strength where it matters.

Ye Ali Releases ‘Cashin’ Out’

After releasing two widely received singles (“Late Night Flex” and “Ring x4”), Ye Ali has returned with a follow-up… Poised as a snapshot of a salacious journey to Atlanta, Ye‘s “Cashin Out” delivers a finessed homage that truly earns him the title as one of this year’s modern R&B’s first-round draft picks.