How Lithakazi Meyile Is Looking For Love One Retweet At A Time

How Lithakazi Meyile Is Looking For Love One Retweet At A Time

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Who needs to swipe left or right when you have an entire community of followers willing to help you find love? Meet 22-year-old aspiring actress and model Lithakazi Meyile. Residing in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, Lithakazi has used social media to elevate not only her career but her dating life as well. With the slogan “Shoot Your Shot” being inclusive of all people, the model did just that and put herself on blast with a simple tweet. With one tweet to her followers, Litha went from being a hometown beauty to a viral dating sensation.

What made you create the tweet?

I was on a reality show called Date My Family and I thought I’d find my true love but I guess not so I decided to tweet that I’m looking for a man cause I’d see so many people tweeting about how they found love on Twitter so I decided to try it for myself hoping I’d find a boyfriend.

Is it hard finding love in your area?

Very much so because people my age aren’t wanting the same thing I’m wanting. I haven’t met anyone recently who I would want to date & it’s frustrating.

How’s the feedback been?

The feedback has been so overwhelming.  So many people retweeted my tweet and my DMs (direct messages for those of you that are new to social media) are popping but I still haven’t found a boyfriend.

Have you been able to date anyone since putting yourself out there?

No, not yet I haven’t found anyone who I really like.

Should women be more aggressive while dating?

Yes definitely. If you know what you want you shouldn’t have to settle for less. I want someone who fits my standards.

What are your future plans for yourself career wise and in your personal life?

I’m an aspiring actress/ TV personality so I really want to be well-known in my craft & also be on many well-known soapies. I just want to be independent & be making my own money. I’m fresh out of Varsity so it’s going to be a process & things will eventually fall into place.

Are you open to interracial dating?
Yes of course, if I like a person their race doesn’t matter at all

Has your family and friends started to pressure you about finding a partner to settle down with?
No, not really. Actually, I’m the one who’s pressuring myself. I feel I’m getting a little older so I should have someone special.

Litha’s tweet received over 13k retweets and 10k likes. It wasn’t just the guys showing her love after seeing her campaign for love; the ladies were reaching for her attention as well.

It goes to show how putting yourself out there and claiming what you want can be beneficial. Your Twitter handle might get you more dates than the profile you’ve created on Tinder. Give it a try and let us know the outcome. Pretty sure there’s someone waiting to jump into your DMs. You just have to be willing to open it up and respond.