Behind The Brotherhood of Jake&Papa

Behind The Brotherhood of Jake&Papa

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Today, Jake&Papa take their fans on an behind-the-scenes look into the brotherhood so crux to their musical journey…

With an assorted arrangement of visuals from their tour days with Tory Lanez, SXSW, critically acclaimed visit to Sway In The Morning, and their telling interview with legendary radio host, Big Boy, this video gives slight insight into what makes this R&B duo so incredible.

In the clip, as seen on, Big Boy tells Jake&Papa, “It’s got to be good to look to the side and know that you trust this man because this is your blood brother.”

Papa of Jake&Papa replies, “I thank God for that everyday. This grind is hard, it’s tough, and if you don’t have somebody who’s like you’re mirror and doing it for the same reasons that you’re doing it, you’re in trouble.”