#CelebratingBoldWomen: Nina Parker Talks Refusing To Be ‘Outworked’

#CelebratingBoldWomen: Nina Parker Talks Refusing To Be ‘Outworked’

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During our Women’s History Month series #CelebratingBoldWomen, I had the opportunity to check-in with the amazing television and podcast host Nina Parker…

Nina talked openly about having to invest more time and effort in herself and her career, and how those two things are crucial for your success.

“I feel like there are often people who are ambitious, but sometimes having these goals in your mind is something that they don’t want to necessarily put in the work for…. You’ve got to outwork everybody else.”

Make sure you follow Nina on twitter @MzGossipGirl, and stay tuned to our hashtag #CelebratingBoldWomen, as this will be an ongoing series on the site.