October London Releases Short-Film, ‘Color Blind: Love’

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There’s nothing more enticing to me than a creative release… And up and coming singer October London delivers just that with his short-film “Color Blind”.

The film follows October’s journey leaving prison, finding work through his girlfriend, played by the alluring Jasmine Hope Waite, and the pursuit of his passion as a singer. Directed by Dylan Brown, the film enlists The Doggfather, Snoop Dogg, as a slick talking music executive along with comedy legend, Mike Epps, who plays a club owner that hires October as a dishwasher eventually leading to the opportunity of a lifetime. Color Blind: Love exhibits an exceptional acting debut by October London and complements his emotionally invigorating debut EP, Color Blind: Love, available now on all DSPs.

All in all, October sounds good. And if the remainder of his project sounds remotely like this, then we are in for a treat.