Gabourey Sidibe Covers NYLON’s April Issue

Gabourey Sidibe Covers NYLON’s April Issue

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Actress Gabourey Sidibe graces the cover of the latest issue of Nylon Magazine, and opens up about her weight-loss surgery, depression, and more.

Gabourey opens up by saying, “I guess I thought that going from literally nothing to the lead in the movie would show people that I wouldn’t be just fat anymore, or at least that’s not the first thing people would think of me, that I’m not too fat or too black or ghetto or nappy—that wouldn’t be part of my narrative anymore, but it was.”

For a period in high school, Gabourey Sidibe stopped eating lunch at school for fear that other students would judge her. She became bulimic in college. “I always wanted to throw up because I was so sad,” she confides, adding that she’s also struggled with panic attacks and depression and has contemplated (but not attempted) suicide. “I really liked challenging myself to not eat for three days,” she says. “Sometimes I would eat a slice of bread and drink a bottle of water just to throw it up.”

Read the full article at NYLONG, here.

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