Whoa Baby! Beyoncé Conquers Motherhood and The Grammys

Whoa Baby! Beyoncé Conquers Motherhood and The Grammys

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Never underestimate the power of a woman.

Post pregnancy announcement Beyoncé had Coachella ticket holders in a bit of a panic. Excited about the news, many were wondering if the mother-to-be would continue on as one of the festival’s headliners. According to TMZ, producers have not reached out to Bey and she has not said a word to them.  There are no alternative plans in place so all systems are still a-go. Everyone can relax. Take a deep breath.

Photo Credit: Awol Erizku

Beyoncé has this way of giving us a small glimpse of the bigger picture when it comes to her performances. She uses stages like award ceremonies and the Super Bowl as preparation tools. This year’s 59th Annual Grammy Awards was no different; it was a teaser.

Taking on the Staple Center dressed as deity Oshun of the Ifá and Yoruba religions, Bey +2 and her 24 dancers took to the Grammy stage. Putting on a stellar reenactment of both the “Love Drought” and “Sandcastles” videos, the Formation World tour crew had us hooked once again. The captivating visuals showed off the growing bump adorned in a beautifully crafted gold ensemble. With movements set to a minimum, the singer stood confidently throughout her performance and even took a back breaking seat at the table.

Photo Credit: Beyonce.com

We’ve seen her perform with child before — cues “Love On Top”  2011 VMA performance. But things are a little different this time around with there being two loves on top.  Beyoncé continues to display her artistic growth and made it known that motherhood doesn’t stop a woman from handling her business. Although we didn’t get a full out dance-crazed classic Bey performance, witnessing her commitment to the hive was just as satisfying. The anticipation for her Coachella takeover is now at an all time high. There’s no telling what she will do.

Good job Bey!