Wale Responds To J. Cole’s “Diss” In ‘False Prophets’

Wale Responds To J. Cole’s “Diss” In ‘False Prophets’

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The internet is known for it’s extremes. Either they love you or they hate you, and when J. Cole released his 40-minute documentary, many felt in addition to shedding light on Kanye West’s fall from grace, he threw shade at Wale. Well, Wale has officially responded.

When I listened to J. Cole’s “False Prophets” I received it like I receive most of Jermaine’s music. He comes off more as a fan than a peer, so in his delivery and sentiment he sounded like a fan disheartened by his heroes and friends not using their platforms to the best and fullest of their advantage. Wale is exhibit A. He stated that Wale usually complains when in fact he should take a moment to realize that he already has the platform he needs to change the world. All facts. Now normally Wale would’ve taken to twitter with an emotional rant, but being that this was delivered with love, Wale took to a song to put it on wax.

Wale gets a lot off his chest on the new song ‘Groundhog Day’ which is produced by the one and only Jake One. In the opening words, Wale says he’s far from a “false prophet,” a reference to J. Cole’s new song where he is talking about Wale according to some fans.

“I remember me and Cole would open for Hov. Everyday a star is born I guess I died in the womb.”