Chance The Rapper Gives Us Good Feels In ‘Angels’ Video

Chance The Rapper Gives Us Good Feels In ‘Angels’ Video

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Chance The Rapper is the truth, and he’s giving us all the good feelings we could possibly ask for with the release of his video for “Angels”.

The music video starts on the street, goes into a first-person flight mode, ending with Chance‘s descent on a train which leads to a feel good dance number, because you know, dancing in music videos is cool again.

“I ain’t change my number since the seventh grade/This for my day one, ten years, seven days/A week, n—as never tired on they Kevin Gates/And if they rest in peace they bunny hopping heaven’s gates/It’s too many young angels on the southside/Got us scared to let our grandmommas outside/You gonna make me take the campers way downtown/You gonna make me turn my BM to my housewife/I just had a growth spurt/It done took so long, my tippy toes hurt/You can keep the nose ring, I don’t have to soul search/I’m still at my old church, only ever sold merch/Grandma say I’m Kosher, momma say I’m culture/GCI, 1-0-7-5, angel going live/Power 92, angel, juke, angel gon juke/GCI, 1-0-7-5, going live/Power 92, angel gon juke, juke, juke, juke,” Chance raps.

The video moves forward to the night as Chance The Rapper, Saba and a few others are seen dancing in the middle of the street. Check out the video below.