Closed Sessions with Jake&Papa

Closed Sessions with Jake&Papa

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Our interview editor Loren LoRosa had the opportunity to ask Los Angeles duo-Jake&Papa a few questions about their most recent release, #SexualWarefare, their career advancements, influences, wicked skills, and more.

Check out the full interview below.

1. When did you fall in love with the music industry?
Jake: I wouldn’t say we are too much in love with the industry in an isolated sense. Jake&Papa are for the people, the industry is a bit of a façade. But we fell in love with music around the time of our first talent show, when I was 4 and Pop was 5. Some of our first memories are of us rehearsing to the Jackson 5 in our living room. The industry itself is an acquired taste that comes along with the territory.
2. I watched the Sway in the morning interview you guys did, during the interview Sway mentioned how he supports up and coming artist like you because he believes in Rewarding those who are dedicated to the culture… Through the low and high moments, What keeps Jake&Papa dedicated to the culture of music?
Papa: Thanks for tuning in. I would say remembering why we started is what keeps us motivated. Our main source of motivation is Self. Because most of the other means of motivation are not as consistent as our work ethic.. So if we counted on that & it went away, we’d be F**ked! Our main goal is to touch the people.. Bring the world together 1 song at a time w/ soul & passion. That’s Our objective, so we have to stay self-motivated to reach that goal.
3. You speak often about how influential your mother was in your life and her ability to play both a mother and father figure. How did not having a father figure in your life influence the creation of your music and some of the everyday decisions you make in your music career?
Jake: Our dad was around in the beginning to teach us the artistry of music. When he had to go away I became more reserved and taciturn in my expression personally, because there are some things a young boy doesn’t want to talk to his mother about. I took to writing poetry and music as a way to open up about the things I observed. Speaking less and observing more has helped with my writing till this day.
4. What is one of your most memorable “Mama I made it moments” ?
Papa: I wanna buy her a house & get her off of her feet.. So honestly, even though I’m thankful for all we’ve accomplished thus far, We still working for that moment.


5. Sexual Warfare… Whats the story behind the title choice?
Jake: We feel like “Sexual Warfare” is the genre we’ve created for ourselves as musicians, and the lane we’ve carved out for ourselves as artists. There’s a war going on outside, and lives are taken each day. We feel that if we all spent more time inside making love, we’d have less time to hate one another. So we wanted to embody that warfare within one album.
6. Some of the music industry’s biggest influencers have graced the stage of NYC’s SOBS, you recently performed some songs off of your new project there.. What is one word that you would use to describe career defying moments like your performance there? and why.
Papa: Undeniable! Music is subjective but there are certain cases we can all agree are Great. That’s the space you have to shoot for w/ opportunities like that. To be universally felt, even if everybody doesn’t necessarily Like you. MJ was Undeniable on Motown 25. You gotta be undeniable and Kill It every chance you get. You never know, it may be the only chance you get.
7. Looking back on the old days of Jake&Papa vs. who you are right here, right now.. what is one thing, if anything that you would have done differently?
Jake: Ya know, it sounds cliché, but I don’t think we would change anything. We probably learned more from our bad decisions than from our good decisions. The bad mixes on the records let us know what a good mix should sound like. The bad shows were preparation for the great shows. All the people who came in and out of our lives gave us lessons for the future. I don’t think we would change anything.
8. Who is your favorite feature on Sexual Warfare?
Papa: Man. We were blessed to be able to collaborate w/ some really dope artists and even better human beings on this project. It’s hard to pick. But, I’ll say our bro DUBB. He’s 1 of the coldest lyricists on the come up right now. Not only that but he’s like a brother to us. It’s always vibez when we link up.
9. How did the collaboration on 187 with Casey Veggies come about?
Jake: It came together pretty naturally. We wrapped up our portion of the song at Brand X studios, and felt that we needed one more element to complete our vision for the song. Casey was the first person that came to mind. We hit up our boy Don Dada to connect us and the rest is history.
10. Why did you choose to make the album free on Soundcloud?
Papa: Because it’s For The People. We feel the people Need this. Like we need air to breathe. Like we need love to live. Sounds deep, but if 2 people take Sexual Warfare inside & make love to it instead of participating in or falling victim to the war going on outside, those are lives saved.
11. Does being so sexually honest like you were on the Sexual Warfare album ever back fire?
Jake: I think that the majority of people in the world have an erotic side, whether it’s worn on their sleeve or hidden in the dark. Sometimes people aren’t as comfortable with that sexual side, in which case our music becomes more of their guilty pleasure. Because of this universal innate sexuality, we dont think it backfires too much. The honesty in our music makes it fluid and relatable.

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12. How much of Sexual Warfare is based off of true sexual encounters?
Papa: We try to be completely transparent in our music & draw from true life experiences. If anything, we hold back a little. Lol we’ve seen some shit, I’m telling you. So all of it.
13. How hard was it to pick a single for the album?
Jake: It was a pretty easy process this time around. As soon as we wrapped up “Leave Me” with The Hitlist, we felt that undeniable “first single” feeling. Once we let our people here it the reaction was unanimous. So we went with it.
14. If you could choose one leading lady from the industry to share an on camera kiss with during a video for your album, who would it be? why?
Papa: it would be a Love Jones style video. I’d be Darius & have Nia Long play Nina & we’d remake the last scene in the rain.
15. What has been one of your wildest Jake&Papa fan experiences?
Jake: There was one in particular that was pretty fun. A girl from out of town popped up in our city one day. She took pictures of the 101 freeway, sent them to me, and asked, “What if I just showed up at your house?” At the time we lived right off of the 101 freeway, yet i’d never told the girl where we stayed. So we thought that was pretty interesting.