Ghostface Killah Doesn’t Want Action Bronson’s Apology

Ghostface Killah Doesn’t Want Action Bronson’s Apology

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Unless you’ve been sleeping under a rock and avoiding all social and mass media, you should at the slightest be aware that rap legend Ghostface Killah and newcomer, Action Bronson are on the outs. And Ghost isn’t accepting Action‘s apology. Here’s why.

Action Bronson was invited on to Sports Nation to talk rap and sports. While on the show he dissed Ghostface Killah saying in response to all his comparisons, and I quote, “he’s not rapping like this no more”. Clearly it was intended as a slight and it was said not on the internet but on national TV.

Ghost took offense to the comments. Released a video of his own.

And now Action has taken to twitter to apologize.

To be honest with you, I probably wouldn’t accept the apology either. Action went on national television and dissed you and says “oops my bad” on twitter and expects it to be okay? Not quite. You’ve gotta go back to the same platform and retract.