Fetty Wap Performs “My Way” At The #XXLFreshmen Show in Los Angeles

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On Monday, I found myself crashing XXL Magazine’s annual Freshmen show with my camera in tow… And to my enjoyment, I got to experience Fetty Wap in concert for the first time.

It goes without saying that he surprised me. A lot of times artists with auto-tuned hooks are seldom able to deliver the same caliber of performance when in front of an actual audience, but this emcee is a little different. Fetty, who is actually very quiet off-stage, took to the platform to not only exude his record but wow with his adlibs. And although performing over a reference track (not a true instrumental), his melodic riffs carried over the crowd.

He can really sing, and I was surprised. Check out my exclusive video of his performance as well as pictures, below.