Family Member Of Bobbi Kristina Allegedly Trying To Sell Her Death Bed Photo

Family Member Of Bobbi Kristina Allegedly Trying To Sell Her Death Bed Photo

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I’ve heard of some low things in my life, but this may very well be the lowest. With the waning condition of Bobbi Kristina, who for the last several months has been in a vegetative state, her family has just decided to move her to hospice care. Well, unfortunately, one of those family members is now trying to sell her death bed photo to various media outlets… Disgusting.

I first reported that Bobbi had been found face down in a bathtub in her Georgia home earlier this February, she was rushed to an nearby hospital, but unfortunately the damage had already been done. Unfortunately, at no point since being discovered did she ever regain consciousness.

Just a few days ago, Pat Houston just announced the family was moving Bobbi Kristina to the hospice care facility and that they have taken her off all medications, so she can die naturally. The Brown family sources tell TMZ they consulted with a top brain specialist last week in Chicago who told them Bobbi had “no hope” of pulling out of the coma. We’re told the whole family discussed the doctor’s findings and made the decision to allow her to die in peace.

Doctors are unsure how long she will survive without medial assistance. Pat said in her statement, “She is in God’s hands now.”

TMZ reports that they passed on purchasing the photo, which shows a family member looking at Bobbi Kristina as she lays in a bed in the hospice she was recently moved to. Reportedly it is an “extended family member” who took the photo.

If TMZ is taking the moral high ground? Whoever took the pictures is the preface of low.

My prayers go out to The Houstons and the Browns. Praying for peace and ease.