Intern Chronicles: The Facebook Lesson

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I am not on Facebook too often but I definitely noticed a change within the posts I see and also the user interface…

Facebook made it easier for users to view content that they are actually interested in, such as; posts from friends, trending topics, posts with high comments and likes, relevant ads, auto-play videos, high quality news etc. As a user what we click on, comment,  or engage with determines what we will see on our feed. If we like someone’s status, more content from that person will pop up. I have over 1,000 friends on Facebook and I always wondered why I would only see posts from the same 15 to maybe 30 people. Overall the most interesting thing I learned was that if you @ someone, or a page in a status, that post will appear in the news feed of that person or page. This is a great way to extend and broaden your audience and fan base.