Eric Garner’s Family Releases A Song In His Honor

Eric Garner’s Family Releases A Song In His Honor

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By now, we’re all aware of the details surrounding Eric Garner‘s death and the subsequent police acquittal. And though tragic, and movement inciting, I thought initially thought it was joke to find out that his family had recorded and released a song in his honor.

Eric Garner‘s sister, Erica, has released a very emotional tribute song in honor of her brother that was killed. With some assistance by Eric‘s daughter and presumably cousin, the song is definitely one that will make you think a few times over.

“Just to let y’all know/If you don’t know, you will/It’s sad how my brother Eric Garner was killed/The pain in my heart still refuses to heal,” Flagg raps on the melancholy cut. “Life should be protected if justice is real/Do you know how we feel?/All he had to do is let his lungs be filled.” Flagg then rhymes about how Garner’s family is struggling meal to meal now that their chief provider “could no longer pay bills.” “The grand jury lost their minds,” he rapped. “There needs to be an appeal.”

The intent of this song is to hopefully create enough buzz to incite an overwhelming agreement of the need for an appeal (re: the non-indictment). Listen to the heartfelt tribute, below.

Although we’re not entirely sure as to how the appeals system in a case like this works, our hearts go out to the family of Eric Garner. No one should ever lose someone they love, not like this, not ever.