Punch Releases ‘My Darling Nicki’

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Top Dawg Entertainment President, Punch, continues to flex his rapping skills with release of a melodic statement he calls, “My Darling Nicki”…

On Halloween night (October 31st), Punch took to Twitter to seemingly tweet through his inspiration. I guess he was moved to the point where he felt compelled to write a short interlude of affective love; in which he takes to the less than two-minute song to harp on his lady’s independence and grandeur.

The title of the song, though clearly inspired by the Prince song “Darling Nikki”, rings true as Punch holds no bars with regards to his love:

“I love your confidence, your arrogance, no nonsense way that you deal with them, other side n*ggas trying to holler, you shut ’em down quick don’t know why they bother, you’re so consistent, you’re so deliberate, set in your ways, you ain’t even tripping, you don’t need no body, independent, so laid back, but about that business, my ride or die, she’ll pop that clip in, if I send the word she’ll go the distance…”

How adorable! Listen to Punch‘s “My Darling Nicki” below.