50 Cent Debuts Water-Proof SMS Audio Sports Collection

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50 cent sms audio miss dimplez

If you’re vaguely familiar with the nerd/tech festivals of the world, then you’ve heard of CES, the Consumer Electronics Show that takes place in Las Vegas annually. Every year the best and the brightest companies attend to show off just a taste of what they’re releasing to their consumers in the subsequent year. 50 Cent‘s brand, SMS Audio, was there this year and had a few announcements for the town.

In addition to his recently announced partnership with Carmelo Anthony, 50 Cent has unveiled the water-proof sports collection of his SMS Audio Headphones.

Before you go jumping to conclusions and assuming that 50 wants you to take your headset and your phone underwater, check out the genius behind it. — SMS Audio ‘SYNC’ Collection will feature in-ear wireless sport headphones, as well as on-ear headset. Both operate and connect to your listening device via Bluetooth. The in-ear headphones will run approximately $160, and the on-ear will run approximately $180.

All in all it’s a pretty innovative move for a company that no many thought would see the light of 2014. Check out pictures of the headphones below.

sms-sports-edition water proof on ear miss dimplez

sms-sports-edition water proof in ear miss dimplez

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