Video: TLC – ‘Meant To Be’

Video: TLC – ‘Meant To Be’

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On Monday, when TLC‘s CrazySexyCool biopic debuted on VH1, I had mixed feelings. From the intermittent sub-par acting by Keke Palmer, and the girl they had pretending to be T-Boz, to the redeeming performance by Lil Mama, the movie left me sentimentally ambiguous for hours.

The inner child in me cried out for TLC. I was always a fan, and learning that they were going through such turmoil meanwhile crafting hits that sound-tracked my youth, was painful. My pangs were mildly subdued by the premiere of their new video, “Meant To Be”.

TLC‘s new video, “Meant To Be” is off of their new album, 20. In stores now.