Kanye West Vs. Paparazzi (Again), This Time, They Went Too Far

Kanye West Vs. Paparazzi (Again), This Time, They Went Too Far

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Kanye West and the paparazzi meet again! And this time, they’ve clearly crossed the thin line of journalism they were treading to trespassing/stalking.

It’s 4am in the morning, and guess who’s standing outside of Kanye West‘s house? The folks from X17Online. Kanye, who was trying to creep away to a private airport for hopeful undisturbed staycation with his family, was rudely greeted by some paparazzi who blurted out questions about his feud with Jimmy Kimmel.

After the first attempt it is apparent he doesn’t want to be bothered, but that doesn’t even deter these guys. If someone was outside of my house at 4am asking me questions about someone I tweet ranted about earlier, and didn’t get the hint when I told them to stop, I’d be pissed too!

I’m a creative, take pictures and video and know that by the zoomed in angle, the pull back, the instability and then readdress angle the photographer was on Kanye‘s driveway peering into his garage. Kanye agrees with me, and is actually pressing charges against this photographer for harassment and criminal trespassing.