Lil Wayne Talks Beef With Miami Heat / NBA

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Lil Wayne and the NBA are not on good terms, and everything came to a head over the weekend during All-Star Weekend and a few NBA events… The “beef” quintessentially started when Weezy was ejected from a Miami Heat verses Lakers game, after rooting for the Lakers. I guess rooting for the other team is not allowed? During All-Star Weekend, Wayne, per the Heat‘s demand, was then banned from every NBA event. Petty, right? Well, check out what Weezy had to say about the beef after the break.

Part 1: Wayne says he had a lot of thoughts on his mind and wish he could ONLY take back saying ‘F*ck LeBron’.

Part 2: Wayne responds to Miami and the perceived disrespect he proclaimed to the city. He also tells the original story of where this beef all started from.

Part 3: Wayne says he got dropped from being involved with a dunk and performing with Alicia Keys.