As Seen On TV: Nicki Minaj’s ‘My Truth’, Episode 1

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Last night I tuned into E! and watched the debut of Nicki Minaj‘s new series, “My Truth”. The last documentary Nicki Minaj did was with MTV, and after watching it I fell madly in love with her career, purpose, and drive. But in watching the first of three E! episodes, I was left disappointed. In episode 1, E! focused more on Nicki‘s personality shortcomings and career upheavals, than they did her journey. At the same time, if someone is rude or has an attitude, no amount of flash or 1080i can hide that. As a fan, I get it, you’re human. But I don’t want to watch a television series filled with you being mad, having an attitude and lashing out at everyone around you. — Check out the episode after the break.