Say It Ain’t So, Frank Ocean ‘Quits’ Music?

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I’ve got some disturbing news Frank Ocean fans… Last night I was on tumblr and saw the fateful post from lonely which quaintly read “yea, I quit”. Does this mean Frank is quitting music?

Prior to his Def Jam debut, Channel Orange, earlier this year… Frank Ocean was outed and subsequently came out of the closet. Since then, from a warm yet still relatively mixed reaction from fans, Frank has been relatively distant. Understandably so, especially when you sexuality has become the subject of discussion. Following this, there were a series of cancelled shows, tour appearances and more. Presumptively we assumed that Lonny had fallen ill due to his reported vocal problems, a la one of the reasons he no-showed a few stops on his tour. So when we see cryptic blog posts alluding to ‘quitting’ we fret for the worst. — Hopefully Frank was just having a bad day or something, because I would hate to see him go.