Timbaland Responds To Drake Executive Producing Aaliyah’s Post-Houmous Album

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A few days ago, rumors of Drake executive producing Aaliyah‘s post-houmus album surfaced onto the internet, shortly after Drake tweeted about “some new Aaliyah news”; his news included having her vocals placed on his new single, and the debut taking place at his OVO Festival in Canada… The Breakfast Club reached out to Timbaland, one of the few producers who work closely with Aaliyah during her life, to ask him how he felt about Drake unearthing unreleased tracks from the songstress, despite the Aaliyah estate (her family) not wanting the album. Timb went on to say that he is not in favor of Drake producing Aaliyah‘s new album, and that it wouldn’t be ‘right’ if he didn’t involve the artists and producers who worked with her in life… I definitely agree.

Drake (tentatively) working on Aaliyah‘s post-houmous album is that he never worked with her while she was alive. During Aaliyah‘s career the three producers she worked with most were Timbaland, Missy Elliot and Static Major (RIP). They were all part of a crew and were next to family… So although it’s ‘flattering’ for Drake to be so infatuated with Aaliyah that he wants to aid in the release of new music, it is disrespectful to her musical legacy for him to even unearth it.