New Music: Aaliyah – ‘Enough Said’ feat. Drake

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Drake decided to go ahead with his executive production plans, and release the first single from Aaliyah‘s post-houmous album. The track is called “Enough Said” and it features a more ‘progressive’ sounding Aaliyah, courtesy of 40‘s hack job on production. Drake takes it a step farther and in his ‘guest verse’ makes the record ‘all about him’… Take a listen:

First and foremost, I appreciate Drake and his infatuation with Aaliyah. You’ve gotta commend the n.gga for his unwavering consistency But here’s a reality check, just because you CAN afford to buy someone’s masters, doesn’t mean you should. The first thing I found wrong with the record was the formula of production. 40 took that same ‘Take Care’, stolid percussion and heavy synth formula and applied it to Aaliyah‘s vocals. And it sonically didn’t fit. It’s not Aaliyah‘s “sound”. The second thing I found wrong was Drake‘s verse and his melodramatic use of curse words. The third thing I found wrong with the record was Drake‘s subject matter..If you’re going to add a verse to someones record after death, match the preceding or write a verse in memory. Sorry Drake, I did not need another verse from you about n.ggas you can or can’t trust, and/or your city. The whole feel of the song is wrong. You can’t tell me that 11 years after Aaliyah‘s death, that Drake infused defecation is what you needed to hear. Timbaland, Rapture, E. Seats, and Bud’da are the only four producers on Aaliyah‘s last album. If Drake is hell bent on releasing music from Aaliyah‘s vault, why not use them. Bring them in. Have them sit with 40. Make it right. Not to mention, per the press release the Haughton family released when they got the label to scrap Aaliyah‘s 10th anniversary cd…They don’t want this.They don’t want new music released. They want you to remember Aaliyah for the bodies of work she put out in life. And here Drake goes, tarnishing her musical legacy.