Mac Miller Under Suit, Again

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Despite his current tour success, Mac Miller has be facing not so pleasant times with regards to lawsuits. Mac is being sued over samples, again. This time over “Fawk ‘Em All” from his Macadelic mixtape…

According to HipHopDX, an artist that goes by the name, Warm Speakers, released and copyrighted a song on June 20th of 2011.. And being that Mac didn’t release Macadelic until March 2012, Warm is claiming that Miller took his song ‘without permission’. Warm is suing Mac for $10 million, just like previous suit filed by Lord Finesse, who alleged that his instrumental was used without permission.

I feel like these artists are doing the most. I t would be an ordeal of it’s own if Mac was sampling tracks and then turning around and making profit, but people remix music every day. Every single day artists take songs and instrumentals that aren’t theirs and add their spin, then release it for free. It’s part of the whole ‘mixtape game’. So for these less popular artists to start suing Miller for ‘sans permission’ uses, makes them seem more than bitter…


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