Curren$y And Wiz Khalifa’s ‘Live In Concert’ Mixtape Delayed Indefinitely

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Just when I thought that we would actually see a promised joint project, this happens… Curren$y took to his twitter to explain why his and Wiz Khalifa‘s Live In Concert mixtape has been delayed indefinitely. To sum things up, after Mac Miller got sued over mixtape beat usage, they were unable to get their samples cleared and don’t want to get sued.

We wldnt feel comfortable droppin #LiveInConcert until we get the samples cleared.with how these suits keep poppin up.. Mixtapes ain’t safe. Lots of law suits being handed out to folks for makin free mixtape jams..Wiz,Mac,myself even..We gotta play this one smart..We got it tho. So don’t trip it’ll be out soons the legal beagles handle it…. Crazy how the game gets huh? I never imagined a time like this…. came up off mixtapes in 08 not financially but they put me on so2speak..Sucks that this may be a lane made unavailable to the next mcs.. But when one door closes, another one opens….We will do the due diligence and have it cleared in its entirety …When u hear it you’ll see what we built…. And it will last forever.

I don’t like this whole suing over samples on mixtapes trend… It’s ruining the game.