Chief Keef Says Kanye West Isn’t How He Got Hot

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Kanye West took to Chief Keef‘s “I Don’t Like”, loaning his celebrity to the track and remixed it in a G.O.O.D. Music fashion, and in turn made the track and it’s instrumental go viral… A couple months, a few remixes and several hundred blogs later, Keef took to his twitter to say that Kanye didn’t ‘put him on’, and that he was hot all by himself.

Truth be told, Kanye is the only reason I know who Chief Keef is, a la his remix. Without West‘s cosign, a vast majority of listeners wouldn’t know who he is, nor would labels be looking to Chicago for new emcees… But with this tweet, Keef bit the hand that ‘feeds’ him, and probably blew any chance of Ye taking him under his wing. — Watch what you tweet, it will come back to bite you.