Chart Count [8/8]: Rick Ross’ ‘God Forgives, I Don’t’ Debuts At Number 1

Chart Count [8/8]: Rick Ross’ ‘God Forgives, I Don’t’ Debuts At Number 1

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The album sale numbers from the week of July 31st to August 7th are officially in!!! This week’s top 20 in sales feature Rick RossGod Forgives, I Don’t, Justin Bieber‘s Believe, NasLife Is Good, Adele, Frank Ocean, and more…

1. Contrary to projections made after Rick Ross‘ album leaked,  God Forgives, I Don’t not only debuted at number one spot on the sales chart by selling a whopping 215,015 copies it’s first week… Although I personally didn’t care for the project, outside of a few singles, Officer Rick showed that he cannot be boxed in. His whole movement is a digital anomaly, and I can’t hate on his hustle. He successfully performed a media blitz, now all that is left to see is if the sales will continue in the forthcoming weeks. (re: ‘God Forgives, I Don’t’ Leaked, What Does This Mean For Rick Ross?)

3. Justin Bieber is still reigning in on the top 10 since the release of his second studio album, Believe. Clinging to the number 3 spot, Bieber sold an additional 35,853 albums within the last week. Yeah it’s a low sales week, but his sales actually jumped up 6% since last week. I think it has a little to do with the killer video he released to his current single “As Long As You Love Me”, featuring Big Sean. (re: Video: Justin Bieber – ‘As Long As You Love Me’ feat. Big Sean)

6. Nas comes in at the number 6 spot with an additional 30,387 copies of his album Life Is Good sold within the last week… I know Nas has been doing a major media run, including appearing on CNN and more, I just hope he shoots a couple videos for fan favorites in order to keep the sales going.

7. Adele can not be stopped, will not be stopped, literally… A year an a half post release of her album 21, she’s still top 20 10 on the charts. Within the last week she sold an additional 28,443 copies of 21. Amazing!

11. Frank Ocean‘s Def Jam debut is still pushing tens of thousands a week despite not being available in your local Targets… Within the last week alone, Lonny sold an additional 20,104 copies of his Channel Orange album, which should put him in the margin for snagging a gold plaque within the next few weeks… Not too bad for a rookie.

15. Not quite sure how Chris Brown is doing it, or why, but his album Fortune is still top 20, despite it’s awful reviews… Within the last week alone, Breezy has sold an additional 16,880 copies of Fortune. — Word on the street is Chris has been in and out of the studio working on a mixtape to make the Fortune atrocity up to his fans. Stay tuned as that story develops.

17. Usher‘s Looking 4 Myself comes in at the number 17 spot with the sale of an additional 16,809 copies of his album within the last week. Ehn.