The-Dream Apologizes For Twitter-Baby-Momma Drama With Christina Milian

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As a public figure, artist or celeb, your life and career are all fair game for discussion… So, last week when Christina Milian made remarks about her detest for The-Dream’s parenting styles or lack there of, he took to his twitter to subtly respond. Unfortunately for him, the tweets (streets) were watching, and not soon after the blogs were ablaze. Now The Dream has taken to his twitter to say that the tweets weren’t actually directed Christina, but rather at a miscellaneous fan, but still managed to apologize for the twitter-baby-momma drama.

“I just figured out people are attaching twitter things to someone yesterday. Actually I was answering a Fan openly like I always do but excluded their Name. So I’m sincerely Sorry if anyone was offended. Christina is a Good Parent and a Great role model. Just got back on twitter since yesterday had I known I was being watched by the feds I would’ve put more thought that people would attach Any problems I have I call and discuss them and I desire the same. Didn’t know I was even important enough to be discussed. Its Sad I think People Love Tension and I won’t be playing this Game esp when a innocent child is involved. This is why i argue to keep my Childrens lives as private as I can. Because the only people who actually care and should care are the people who made you..its a Mean World Can’t control what Christina Does all I can say is I wish her well and pray that in time we will heal. Because this helps no one. Love Always. Again sorry for the misleading info…. Even though I never attached her name or uttered her name in a Demeaning way. The truth is… Is all things need Time. I have no strife with Christina for I know this life is To Long sometimes you fight those u love most. I’m sure none of what I’ve written that actually has a Name attached will get noticed. lol I, lol… apologize 4 the Misunderstanding I’m way to blessed for that.Fasting on Negativity nothing but positive quotes will come from here, as I see my Voice is pretty loud these days lol”

I wish The-Dream spent as much time as he did responding to miscellaneous fans as he did working on his music. Whatever happened to his August release date?