Rick Ross Speaks On Creating ‘3 Kings’


On Thursday, Rick Ross offered forth one of the most anticipated records from his forthcoming album, God Forgives, I Don’t (GFID). The song was called “3 Kings” and it featured Dr. Dre and Jay-Z… During an interview with Funkmaster Flex, Ross explains how creating the Jake One-produced record came about…

Ricks Ross talks approaching Dr. Dre: “I actually spoke with D.O.C. from the West Coast and D.O.C. told me Dre was a huge fan… I’ve been a fan of big homie’s and I had been expressing that openly for while… I got on the phone with Dre, he kept his word, he came down to Miami. When he walked into the studio for the first time, I was just so excited. We knocked out five songs that first night. I feel we made some incredible music. Homie gave me a lot of tips. That’s the big O.G. I really admire him.”

Rick Ross talks Jay-Z appearance on “3 Kings”: “When it comes to Jay, that’s my family. I respect dawg. I’m a soldier for life…. That’s just one of many. God Forgives, I Don’t is the biggest and best album of the year. Whoever would have imagined East Coast, West Coast, Down South on one album? That’s what it’s about in hip-hop. That’s what the culture is about. That’s what the boss brings you.”

Well there you have it folks! I can say that I’m excited to see who Ross has featured on his GFID project, but as of now the album has yet to peak my interest. I simply hope that Rozay steers away from the monotonous sound he’s grown accustomed to in previous LP.

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