Ray J ‘Lol’s Kim Kardashian’s Tweet Regarding Her Past

Ray J ‘Lol’s Kim Kardashian’s Tweet Regarding Her Past

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Kim Kardashian was tweeting her usual life centric tweets, and Ray J literally trolled (made fun of) the moment. — For those who are unaware, Kim Kardashian and the KardashianJenner clan rose to ‘celebrity’ a few months after Kim and her then boyfriend, Ray J (Brandy‘s brother), had a sextape leak onto the internet. Rumor has it that Kim leaked it intentionally, but that is neither here nor there… Three very public relationships later, Kim would rather you forget her past and focus more on the positive. Ray J on the other hand, won’t let that happen easily, and I don’t blame him…

Kim Kardashian tweeted:Keep your life in a positive perspective. We are not defined by our pasts.

Ray J (retweeted &) tweeted: Lol

The internet irrupted in a frenzy! Twitter was going nuts! And as simplistic as his remark was, it spoke magnitudes. Had someone seemingly gotten famous and made millions off the exposure of a private video, I’d shade them on twitter too.