Philadelphia Pastor To Lead Boycott Against Meek Mill’s “Amen”

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Reverend Jomo K. Johnson, a resident pastor of a North Philadelphia Open Air church wants to boycott Meek Mill and his “Amen” record. During an interview with the Philadelphia Daily News, Reverend Johnson, alludes to his disdain of Meek ‘using the church’ to describe sinful things.

Reverend Johnson: “I’m a Hip-Hop fan, but I believe there is a need to really call him (Meek Mill) out and say enough is enough. He seems to really be using the church as a backdrop and a parallel for some of the sinful things that he does. As a Hip-Hop fan, I want to encourage every rap fan in Philadelphia who is a believer in Jesus Christ, to boycott Meek Mill until he acknowledges this blatant disrespect, and being resident of North Philadelphia and pastor, I revoke Meek’s ‘hood pass’ until this happens.”

Revoke Meek‘s ‘hood pass’? Reverend Johnson is a little too left field for me… As a preacher’s kid (niece), I understand how the church could perceive disrespect behind Meek‘s “Amen” record, but I assure that was not its intention. Not to mention there are so many other ‘worse’ hip hop songs out there, targeting an artist from the same city seems a little vindictive… Take a good listen to Meek‘s discography and you’ll find that he’s a person of faith. So he has every right to say and do what he pleases. Now if Reverend Johnson and his congregation don’t appreciate the song, don’t listen to it. — Let Meek be great.