‘God Forgives, I Don’t’ Leaked, What Does This Mean For Rick Ross?

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It’s official, as predicted Rick RossGod Forgives, I Don’t has leaked onto the internet… Now you won’t find the pirated link on Miss Dimplez.com, but you will find the answers to the questions you REALLY want to know. — What does this leak mean for Ross? Will this affect his sales? Does it leaking really matter?

If an album is going to sell it will sell, but a leak never bodes well for Rozay.

We could spend days citing leak sale anomalies like Lil Wayne‘s Cater IV, an album that leaked two weeks prior to release and still sold a million copies within the first week, but Officer Rick‘s sales record speaks for itself. He simply doesn’t hold a Wayne-style purchase power with his listeners… 

Rick Ross‘ 2006-release, Port of Miami, debuted with 187,000 copies sold within the first week. Ross‘ 2008-release, Trilla debuted with 198,000 copies sold within the first week. Ross‘ 2009-release, Deeper Than Rap debuted with 158,000 copies sold within the first week. Ross‘ 2010-release, Teflon Don debuted with 176,300 copies sold within the first week. — This project leaked a week prior to release. Maybach Music Group‘s 2011-release, Self Made Vol. 1 debuted with only 59,000 copies sold within the first week. — This project leaked three weeks prior to release. MMG‘s 2012-release, Self Made Vol. 2 debuted with only 98,000 copies sold within the first week. — This project leaked two weeks prior to release.

Ross has had a track record of retail projects not holding the girth, consistency or overall quality to illicit sales, even after over-extended promotional runs, interviews, and releases.

It goes without saying that GFID leaking will affect Rozay‘s sales. Whether the affect will be positive or negative boils down to whether or not the album is good, it’s playback ability, and overall appeal (not simply hype). If there is something outstanding, with regards to quality of the GFID album, Ross‘ low sales tide will cease. But if we get that same monotonous music we’ve been hearing the release of “BMF” the low tide will continue….

But the final questions still remain, does it matter to Ross? Does this leak really affect him or his revenue? The answer to both questions is ‘no’. Unflattering sales would hurt any artist’s ego…But I’m sure as long as Ross continues touring, signing brand endorsements (i.e. Reebok), and signing other artists, his pockets won’t miss a meal.

GFID on iTunes.