2 Chainz x Big Sean x Pusha T Pose For Dazed + Confused Magazine

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2 Chainz, Big Sean, and Pusha T posed for Dazed & Confused Magazine! Check out the behind the scenes footage, pictures, and an excerpt of their interview after the break.

“There’s so much candy to look at on you,” says a pretty girl sitting on the bus, referring to his gold. “Is that what you call it, candy?” He looks at her with a charming smile and flexes the punchline-style he’s known for 
as a rapper. “Girl, I’ll make you a diabetic, I know you got that sweet tooth.”

Chainz has got the gift of 
the gab, no doubt; so much so he never actually writes any of his verses down: he freestyles all of 
his lyrics on the spot. It makes 
sense why he was such a successful hustler in the streets back in the day. His first hit with Playaz Circle, 2007‘s “Duffle Bag Boy”, references how his crew stored cash in designer 

“I have a bunch of runway pieces,” he continues, going back to his gold collection. “Unique jewellery pieces that are one of one. I’ll bump into another rapper who doesn’t have the same pieces that I have. It’s about separating yourself.” (Read the entire piece, here.)