W.I.P. Loses Liquor License After Drake / Chris Debacle, Meek Mill On New York Club Ban List

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After hearing about the fight between Drake and Chris Brown that took place in club W.i.P., I knew that there would be consequences, especially for the New York night life, and here they are….

As of Tuesday, the state of New York has suspended the liquor license of the SoHo club W.i.P., where the recent Drake/Chris Brown bottle beatdown took place, causing the club to close down indefinitely.

The State Liquor Authority held an emergency meeting Tuesday to take action against both clubs after a string of bloody incidents over the last few months. In the wee hours of June 14, supporters of superstars Drake and Brown erupted into a bottle-throwing melee that injured Brown, NBA star Tony Parker and several clubgoers. On Friday the SLA cited the bar for 10 altercations inside W.i.P. since March. That began the process of possibly barring the owners from the nightclub business for two years. The owners filed suit last week against the city, claiming they shouldn’t be shuttered because they were following a security plan approved last fall by the NYPD when the bottle-throwing fight exploded. (via NY Daily News)

To make matters worse, Meek Mill, a third-party to the bottle-fight, has been placed on night club ban-list. Over the weekend he attempted to get into a few nightclubs around the meat-packing district and was denied entry. He took to his twitter and said:

I don’t got no love for these clubs that discriminate against a certain race! F-ck you…u won’t get these racks!

I guess money can’t buy everything…. We’ll see how this all plays out in the wash.