Rodney King (L.A. Riots), Found Dead In Swimming Pool

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Rodney King, the man most known for being the epicenter of the L.A. Riots was found dead in his California home, at the bottom of his swimming pool. He was found by his fiancee, and there is no evidence of ‘foul play’.

If you don’t know about King, or the L.A. Riots, Rodney was a victim of police brutality in 1991, but the officers involved were never criminally convicted of their crimes.

The beatings King acquired at the hands of the police left him with brain damage. What made the beatings worse is that they were filmed by a bystander and literally shown all over the world [picture here]…. King‘s beatings led to a riot, which led to a profound impact on race relations in the United States. He went on to sue the city of Los Angeles and won $3.8 million dollars and forced the Los Angeles Police Department itself to change.

The Los Angeles Police Department itself was forced to change in the wake of the Rodney King case, which highlighted widespread racism in the largely white, male force. It was not uncommon for officers to describe African-Americans as “monkeys” and “gorillas”, and some police bragged about beating suspects over their patrol car radios. It recommended boosting multiculturalism in the police force and the LAPD had slowly shifted to a more community-focused style of policing. (via BBC)

As for Rodney King himself, he got engaged to one of the jurors from his trial and published a book in 2012 titled “The Riot Within: My Journey From Rebellion to Redemption”. But he also struggled with drug and alcohol abuse and had several brushes with the law over the years, and he eventually lost all his money. The Los Angeles Police Department said that at this time it had no comment to make on the death of King, adding that the death had occurred in Rialto, out of its jurisdiction.

Rodney was only 47 years old. Rest in peace.