Iggy Azalea Talks Other Modelling Agencies Calling Her “Fat”

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Prior to a show over in the U.K., Iggy Azalea caught up with Noisey to talk about her accent, Azealia Banks, and being called “too fat” to model…

Iggy regarding Azealia Banks:

“I don’t really have to defend myself ’cause it’s my art,” she said. “So if I wanna rap like I’m from outerspace, I can. It’s my own business… She’s been saying stuff to me for months. Neither her nor I were popular enough for anyone to catch on to it. I think rap is a competition [like] how people compete at sport, and this is still a sport. Everybody differs. Some people like to have friendly competition and shake hands before and after a game, and some people like to bite each other’s ears off while they’re boxing. I’m not really a dirty fighter. I just run my own race.”

Just the other day We broke the story of Iggy Azalea being signed by Wilhemina Modelling Agency, Prior to that Elite had approached her regarding modelling but didn’t pursue her, and in fact told her to lose weight.

Iggy regarding modelling and being called “fat”:

“I was like, ‘That’s ridiculous.’ What would I even be? I would have to have one of my hips removed.”