Blog Improvement: WordPress 3.4.1 Is Out + 3 Reasons You Should Update

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Guess what? WordPress 3.4.1 is out! And it’s that time again for you to update your blog! I know what you’re thinking… Didn’t I just do that yesterday? Last week?  Why do I need to update again? Can I skip this one? — It seems like every day there is a brand new version of WordPress out, and sometimes, it may be a little overwhelming trying to decipher whether or not the upgrade is worth updating. Truth be told, no matter the update, it’s always worth it. Here are the top three reasons why:

1. Website security – An un-updated WordPress means your site/server is easier to hack, and depending no who’s doing the hacking this could result in your visitors getting malware or being redirected to a different site. WordPress releases updates when they realize there’s a whole in their fence. Unexpected visitors and rabid racoons can come through that hole. Or even worse, some pretend company in a tiny Provence in China (or something) who’s name you can’t pronounce can now redirect all your visitors to their site where they’re selling bootleg versions of viagra, and subsequently infect them with a virus that puts all of their browser-saved information at risk. (This happens way more than you think…)

2. Fix Bugs – Ever write a blog post, hit publish and then find a couple grammatical errors? WordPress does too, and although their issues aren’t necessarily grammatically related, they call them bugs. Bugs are the downfall of the user experience. An un-updated WordPress could result in a slow site, miscellaneous errors, and just all around lack of smoothness.

3. New Features – The greatest part about WordPress are the features (plugins). With each update there are more plugins and interfaces (like Jetpack), created to make your life easier. Help you track your stats, manage blog subscriptions, search engine optimization…etc. Not to mention, if you do not update your WordPress there may be plugins that you already have that won’t work correctly, or even at all.

WordPress 3.4.1 addresses 18 bugs found with version 3.4. It also fixes a few security issues and contains some security hardening. The vulnerabilities included potential information disclosure as well as an bug that affects multisite installs with untrusted users. These issues were discovered and fixed by the WordPress security team.

Hopefully this has convince you to update your site… And if you have more than one site on your server, update all your sites.

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