Birdman + Slim Cover Billboard’s ‘Urban Power List’

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Cash Money‘s head honchos, Birdman and Slim, are featured on the cover of Billboard‘s ‘Urban Power List’. This issue will feature the top 25 powerful people in hip-hop, as well as give insight into Cash Money goals and plans for the future.

Spend any time talking to Bryan “Birdman” Williams about his business these days and you’ll quickly come to understand that he has two immediate goals: Releasing 100 albums in one calendar year and growing Cash Money Records Group, the company he founded with his older brother Ronald, aka “Slim,” in 1991, into the record industry’s first billion-dollar independent brand. Talk to those around him, like Cash Money’s longtime business manager Vernon Brown, say, or even the elder Williams, and you’ll get the sense that one of those goals may be just a bit out of reach, at least at the moment. And it might not be the one that you’d think. (via Billboard)