Drake Addresses His Critics + Shares Advice From Floyd Mayweather


During an interview with Sway, Drake reveals how he deals with critics, advice he got from Floyd Mayweather, and how social media/radio “doesn’t matter”…

“There will be days when I walk into an a people cheer, there will be days when I walk into an a people boo, but it all just sounds the same to me because it let’s met know that I’m relevant.”

I can understand being an artist and not caring for the the instant reaction one can receive on social media outlets (positive or negative), but I have to stand firm and assert that it is a ‘necessary evil’. In this day and age, social media has become a necessity, Drake just needs to learn how to adequately control the conversation about him and his brand… As for the advice he received from Mayweather? Those are words to live by.

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